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How to get your news on our Notice Board

Do you have some interesting news that is relevant to Tetbury Art Society?

Would it complement our Notice Board page?

Please submit your news by e-mail.  To be considered for inclusion, your e-mail submission should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please state your name, contact telephone number, the organisation that you represent and why you would like your Notice placed on our Notice Board.

2. Indicate the removal date for the Notice (which normally should be less than 60 days after insertion).

3. Include the Notice and its heading as follows:
<Notice Heading>   maximum of 60 characters including spaces
<Notice Text>   maximum of  200 words including one link to a website and/or one contact e-mail address.

4. Please do not format the text - that will be done when your text is inserted on the web page, to match our site style. No fancy fonts please. Do not embed any links, just give the full address.

5. Please look at our Notice Board to see how it is laid out and to get a feel for the writing style that you should use in your text, so that it fits in with what is there already. Be brief and to the point while ensuring that you have not left out anything important.

6. Do not include any pictures.

7. Ensure that the content is relevant to the activities of our society. If it is not relevant, it is unlikely to be accepted. If you are a commercial organisation, we will expect there to be a direct relevance to our members' interests; for example, in return for a place on our web site, are you able to offer our members any special discount?

8. Just as important are complete sentences and correct punctuation. 

9. We can provide one link to a pdf file. Your pdf file must be referred to in your text, and you must provide it in the form that  prevents reader editing; the pdf file should not exceed 200k.

10. Ensure you have spell-checked and proof-read your submission. If your submission is accepted, the <Notice Heading> and <Notice Text> from your e-mail will be copied and pasted directly onto the Notice Board web page without any further editing. Therefore if there are any typographic or other errors, these will be carried forward into the final notice.

We have a limited space for Notices in order not to dilute our key messages, and therefore Tetbury Art Society cannot guarantee to accept submissions even though they may be relevant and comply with these guidelines.
Tetbury Art Society cannot guarantee that Notices will be included, and reserves the right to remove Notices from the Notice Board at any time and without warning. Tetbury Art Society shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions made in placing the Notice on our Notice Board, nor shall Tetbury Art Society be held responsible for the consequences of any such errors or omissions.

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