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Exhibition submission guidelines

How to submit pictures for our exhibitions

Each picture must be framed and have a label stuck on the back with your name, phone number or e-mail address, title of picture, medium and price. Attach wire or cord at the back for hanging, and ensure that it does not show above the picture frame when it is hung.

If your picture is a copy, the original artist must be acknowledged eg “After Gainsborough”.

We aim to present new work to the public at all exhibitions, but especially in the Spring Exhibition. To ensure that a balance between new work and work from previous years is maintained, we ask that half the work that you submit should be new, and more if possible.

You may submit six framed pictures including two reserves. The reserves will be hung if there is enough space when the exhibition is set up. There are no storage facilities in the Market Hall for reserve pictures so in the unlikely event that there are too many pictures entered, we might have to ask you to take back one or both of your reserves, though this has never happened yet. Labels on reserve pictures should be the same as main submissions.

In addition you can also submit two unframed pictures for inclusion in the browser. Unframed pictures must be mounted and covered in cellophane, and labelled on the back with your name, picture title, medium and price. To submit unframed pictures you must have entered four framed pictures.  

There is a hanging fee of 2.50 per picture exhibited including reserves and unframed. A commission of 10% will be retained by the Society on pictures which are sold.

An entry form is sent to each member; please complete it and send it to the name and address specified with the form no later than the date specified to allow enough time for  preparations to be completed.


On the day

Please bring your pictures to the Market House at the date and time specified on the Programme page or on the Exhibition Entry Form that will be sent to you, together with the correct fee to be paid to the Treasurer -  cash or cheques (made payable to “Tetbury Art Society”).  

Unsold pictures must be collected immediately after the exhibition closes on the last day.  Should you be unable to collect your work, please make arrangements to have it removed as there are no facilities for storage. Please do not cause an obstruction by the Market Hall with your car at any time.

Once 10% commission has been deducted from the sale of works, a cheque will be posted to you by the Treasurer.

The Committee reserves the right not to hang any picture with unsuitable framing or hanging method, or with content considered unsuitable for display in a public exhibition.

Members are responsible for their own pictures during the exhibition as the Society cannot offer insurance cover. Once pictures are hung, only a duty steward may remove or reposition them until the close of the exhibition on the last day.

How you can help

We need assistance with the distribution of publicity flyers,  setting up and stewarding throughout the Exhibitions, so please help your society.

Please sign up for at least one stewarding session on the application form.

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