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Report for October to November

 It seems a long time ago now but in October we held our annual art sale in the Market Hall which seemed to go well. Our organisers, Gill Ashley and Jenny Riley chose a less-regimented layout of tables involving star-shaped arrangements around several of the central pillars. We do not record sales at this event but a reasonable number of pictures were sold. This was Gill and Jenny
's last bit of organising and we would like to thank them for managing our exhibitions over the last 2 years.

We had some difficulty with our November meeting; the expected demonstrator had to withdraw because of health problems. But one of our members, Allan Norwood, kindly stepped in and gave a talk mainly about his experiences working as an apprenticed ceramics painter for Royal Worcester. His artistic talents were encouraged by his father and art teacher; the latter urged him to apply to Royal Worcester who accepted him for an apprenticeship. Decorating ceramics was a multi-stage job with the painting being developed layer-by-layer and being fired after each stage which made the process quite expensive. There were a lot of amusing anecdotes such as on their journey home, the painters
' clothes smelt strongly of the aniseed used to thin the paint and help it fasten to the ceramic and too, the apprentices once cleaned portions of a dirty window fooling their manager into believing that it was broken. But the apprentices were supportive of one another and, if someone was out sick, would help progress their work so that the apprentice would get paid.

We held a Christmas Card Competition on 14th November. Twelve of our members took part. Looking forward, the only activity left this year is our Christmas Social on Wednesday 13th December.

[posted 1st December 2017, expires 31st January 2018]



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